Integrated Planning & Implementation

SDG Best Practices – Punjab (Detailed)

SDG Best Practices of Punjab – A summary

State Strategic SDG Action Plan 2030 - Draft Chapter on each SDG Prepared. Chapters are being finalized by the Thematic Experts

Sustainable Development Goals Coordination Centre (SDGCC) has prioritize the preparation of Punjab State Strategic SDGs Action Plan 2030, based on the Vision Document 2030, 4 Year Strategic Documents (4SAPs) and material available from other sources.

Documentation of Best Practices and Innovations in the State

Conclave on SDG 3 and SDG 5 – Discussions with Experts and Govt.. of Punjab on how Punjab can achieve its SDGs targets.

SDGCC Punjab is compiling the Best Practices and Innovations undertaken in the State which are directly contributing to the Human Development and achieving the SDGs. Programmes, technologies, digital solutions undertaken by public sector in the Departments/Districts are being documented. In the first phase best practices undertaken by the Departments for Social (Health, Women & Child Development, Education and Environmental (technological innovations) sectors are being documented.