Monitoring and Evaluation

Punjab SDG INDEX 2020-21 Analysis Report - Based on NITI Aayog's SDG India Index 2020-21 Report

AtmaNirbhar Bharat Tracker

The ANB Tracker platform is a centralised web and mobile app designed to assist states in implementing their individual AatmaNirbhar Action Plans.


The ANB tracker has already mapped interventions under ANB package to state departments. Aligning existing interventions and identifying new schemes can help departments explore funding possibilities under the package.


The ANB tracker can potentially assist the state Chief Secretary, Principal Secretaries, Administrative Heads and other senior officials to review the overall progress of State or their department in line with the Rs. 20 lakh crore ANB package released by the Hon. Prime Minister of India.


The Dashboard delivers detailed data. Users can download detailed reports at each level of the state’s ANB interventions. Evidence based planning and policy interventions + easy reporting offered by this Dashboard can help the State policymakers in their effective planning and decision making. There is also an option to download these reports in .xls or .pdf form for in-depth analysis.

State Indicator Framework (SIF)

At national level, NITI Aayog is mandated with the task of coordinating work on SDGs to achieve India’s SDG targets. The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI) is entrusted with the responsibility of identifying the nationally available datasets that align with the 17 SDGs and their 169 targets. MoSPI has developed National Indicator Framework (NIF) comprising 306 indicators for measuring India’s progress against SDGs and associated targets. The NIF is the largest monitoring framework in the country and has been shared with all States. It comprises national targets, national indicators and centrally sponsored schemes, which directly or indirectly contribute towards attaining the SDGs. Apart from the national targets, states have other priorities depending on their local context, situations and priority areas. To meet the global, national and state level expectations, the State Governments have developed State Indicator Framework (SIF) in tune with the NIF.


The SIF is pertinent towards monitoring State Government priorities, schemes, strategy and action plan towards achieving SDGs 2030. The different departments of State Government of Punjab are responsible for development of state level policies, strategies, schemes and their implementation in their respective work areas and subsequent contribution towards achieving one or more SDGs. The annual budget is also proposed by each department; hence their efforts need to be accounted for and monitored through SIF.


SDGCC has conceptualized the State Indicator Framework and designed a standard format to collect the information from each department. The format consists of department-wise mapping of goals, targets, indicators, type of indicators, schemes, data source and reporting periodicity. The SIF has been built on the 4SAPs prepared by the departments and indicators taken in National Indicator Framework as well as 2 rounds of discussions with all GoP departments. The SIF document for Punjab has gone into print.

SDG Dashboard

To monitor the progress based on the State Indicator Framework (SIF), SDG Dashboard a data-driven interactive platform is being developed. The SIF and SDG Dashboard will assist the State to ensure data driven decision making mechanism with regard to policies and financial allocations to the departments and schemes. This will also help the Policy Makers and Implementers to review the progress, SDG wise, department wise, scheme wise and key performance parameters of key functionaries.