SDG Localization

Roll out of SDG Localization in Patiala

SDG implementation at District Level roll-out meeting held on 17 September 2020 to initiate SDG pilot intervention in Patiala District. District Collector along with other District Departmental Heads participated in the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Principal Secretary, Department of Planning, Regional Head- UNDP, SDGCC Team. The objective of the meeting was to sensitize the District Officials on SDGs, initiatives of Department of Planning on SDG implementation and roll of District Administration on SDG implementation through pilot intervention.

Constitution of District SDG Cell

Based on the meeting on 17 September 2020, District Administration notified District SDG Cell for ensuring better coordination amongst all Departments for SDG integration at district level.It will also support in developing district level SDG Action Plan, Indicator Framework and dashboard. Further, District SDG Cell will develop strategy for awareness generation on SDGs at district, block and panchayat level.

Workshop with members of District SDG Cell

Pursuant to the discussion held on 17 September 2020 with Members of District SDG Cell in the presence of Principal Secretary, Department of Planning Shri Jaspal Singh IAS, Shri Kumar Amit IAS, Deputy Commissioner-Patiala, Shri Vikas Verma, UNDP Head-Northern Region and other members of SDG Coordination Centre (SDGCC) a two member team from SDGCC, Ms. Nandita Mathur, Lead-Resource Mobilization and Partnerships and Mr. Chandan Barman, SDG Localization Lead visited Patiala District on 24 September 2020 to discuss the action plan for implementation of Sustainable Development Goals – Pilot Interventions at Patiala District.


A separate meeting was also held with Additional Deputy Commissioner, Patiala at 4 P.M. During the meeting the ADC was apprised about the discussions held in the meeting with members of District SDG Cell. Among other things, discussion on finalization of District Indicator Framework and identification of five panchayats, as cluster. Reviewing the draft SIF, ADC made few suggestions on the indicators for incorporation in the District and Panchayat Level Indicator Framework. ADC also informed that some of the values of the indicators are available with Departments which may be used for District Indicator Framework. It was decided that District SDG Cell will share the list of panchayats in order to initiate discussions with PRI members and facilitations for SDG Model Panchayats.


Issues discussed:
Overall, following points were discussed during two separate meetings under SDG Pilot interventions.

  • Sustainable Development Goals Coordination Centre (SDGCC) and its role
  • Role of District SDG Cell in SDG Pilot Interventions
  • Integration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at Local Levels
  • Develop Model SDG Gram Panchayats
  • District and Panchayat Level indicator framework
  • Develop SDG District Action Plan

District SDG Action Plan

Meeting with members of District SDG Cell was held on 24 September 2020 to discuss, inter alia, the action plan for implementation of Sustainable Development Goals – Pilot Interventions at Patiala District. It was conceived that District Action Plan shall comprise District Level Department-wise performance parameters, challenges and the strategy to Action Plan in the District under the supervision of goals, targets and achieve the targets within timeline. Respective District Department Heads will be responsible to implement the District Collector. Periodic review of the progress implementation will be done in the meetings of District Level SDG Cell.

Finalization of Gram Panchayats to develop GPDP aligning with SDGs

In order to undertake process for SDG Model Panchayats, the District Administration identified five- gram panchayats. The process for SDG Model Panchayat will provide an opportunity for the panchayat to synchronize their plans with SDGs. Resources from various centrally and state sponsored schemes can be leveraged and converged at the panchayat level.

Workshop with PRI members on GPDP aligning with SDGs

In order to discuss the detailed plan of action of SDG Model Panchayats a workshop was organized on 21October, 2020 at Patiala jointly by SDGCC and District SDG Cell. The workshop was attended by Additional Deputy Commissioner (D), Patiala, Officials of ADC (D), Sarpanches and Panchayat Secretaries of five identified villages and a team from SDGCC.


The objective of the workshop was to build a clear understanding of SDG Model Panchayat initiative and to finalize the dates for gram panchayat development plan.


Issues discussed:
Following points were discussed during the workshop on SDG Model Panchayats.

  • Existing developmental activities in the villages
  • Challenges in the villages on developmental activities and ways to address
  • Finalization of date for gram panchayat development palns
  • SDGs and role of UNDP and SDGCC
  • SDG Panchayat indicators
  • Relevance of SDGs for gram panchayat development plan

Meeting with community members for developing GPDPs aligning with SDGs

To facilitate GPDP Meetings in the identified villages of Patiala District, SDGCC Team along with District Administration Team visited the villages (Hardaspur, Phagan Majra, Mirzapur, Nandpur Keso and Karamgarh) to supports GPs in developing GPDP. The meetings were also attended by relevant district officials besides Sarpanches, panchayat members, panchayat secretaries and community members. The need assessment of the village was undertaken through participatory approach, which included both individual and collective need of the village. Community members actively participated in the village in order to develop the Gram Panchayat Development Plan. During the participatory need assessment approach, the team members from SDGCC and District Administration facilitated to understand the actual needs of the village.

Meeting with Panchayat Secretaries for budgetary information and budgeting of GPDP activities

On 28 December 2020, a meeting was held at Zila Parishad Conference Hall, Patiala District wherein the panchayat budget status was discussed and to finalize budget for various activities. All the Panchayat Secretaries and representatives from Patiala District Administration participated in the meeting.


The meeting ended with the finalization of priority activities along with budgetary requirement and processes for approval.

Developed GPDPs aligning with SDGs

Pursuant to various meeting (community members/PRIs/panchayat secretaries/Additional District Collector) GPDPs of five identified gram panchayats aligning with SDGs, GPDPs have been developed. Panchayat secretaries will get it approved by respective Panchayats and will be implemented for developing SDG Model Panchayats. GPDPs comprise GP factsheet, budget and intervention plans.

MoU with State Institute of Rural Development for developing and institutionalization of SDG Localization Manual for training panchayat members

In order to institutionalize SDG training and localization of SDGs into the development plans, SDGCC in collaboration with State Institute of Rural Development entered into an understanding to develop a training manual for panchayats on SDG localization. The training manual will be part of the institution which will be used for training panchayat members.

State Level SDG Conclave for District Collectors

State Level Conclave will be organized in the month of February/March 2021 involving all the District Collectors of Punjab. The objective of the Conclave will be to sensitise the District Collectors on SDGs and various activities undertaken by SDGCC under the aegis of Department of Planning, Government of Punjab. During the Conclave, the Patiala Model may also be presented by the District Collector/Additional District Collector as an evidence to replicate Patiala Model/SDG Localization in other districts.

Launch of SDG Localization Manual

The SDG Localization Manual is being developed for the use of State Institute of Rural Development for training panchayat members. Once the SDG Localization Manual is developed, it will be launched in a State Level Event.

ToT for core group officials of State Institute of Rural Development

Based on the SDG Localization Manual, ToTs will be organized to train core members of State Institute of Rural Development, Punjab who in turn will train the panchayat members through the institution.

Support in implementation of GPDP for creation of SDG Model Panchayats

As the SDG aligned GPDPs have been developed as a step ahead for developing model SDG Panchayats, SDGCC will also support identified GPs to implement the activities including necessary training in collaboration with District Administration.

Creation of SDG District resource persons pool (identification and training)

A pool of resource persons, identifying from all 22 districts, will be developed by building capacities on SDGs. Resource persons will be the SDG Training Nodal person of their respective district who will lead SDG related training and capacity building activities.

Developed SDG District Factsheet (District Profile) for all 22 Districts of Punjab

SDG District Profile covering around 200 SDG indicators have been prepared for all 22 districts of Punjab. The factsheet may also be used as SDG District Baseline to understand the SDG situation of the districts. Further, data may also be incorporated in the SDG dashboard.

Basis the Patiala Model, concept note prepared for replication of Patiala Model in remaining 21 districts of Punjab

Concept note for replication of Patiala Model was developed. Detailed activities undertaken under Patiala Model have been prepared to share with all the District Collectors as evidence-based model.


Many a times, Government of India requests State to provide information on SDG implementation mechanism at various levels.


Constitution of District SDG Cell in all districts will thus a step ahead for SDG implementation at local levels in the State. Moreover, this will also help in dashboard implementation at the district level in days to come.

Distt. 4SAP (SDG Action Plan) for Patiala

Punjab Aspirational Districts Programme - An Appraisal

SDG District Baseline Report